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Ensuring a Profitable Cattle Ranch

While buying a ranch entails a huge investment, it can also offer a big payoff if you’re looking at cattle ranching. Of course, like all businesses, cattle ranching has no guarantee of success as the owner must work hard to generate profits. To help your ranch rake in more money, you can follow these tips: Read the rest of this entry


Ranch Buying Tips: ARMs vs. FRMs

When you’re looking to finance your ranch purchase, fixed-rate and adjustable-rate are the two main mortgage types you will likely avail. The marketplace offers plenty of varieties within these two primary categories. With that in mind, your first step when shopping for a mortgage should be to determine which of these loan types best suit your needs. Read the rest of this entry

Tips for Buying Your First Cattle Herd

So you’ve decided to purchase a ranch and start your own beef cattle business. No matter what your end goals are, know that your animals rely on you to look out for their well-being. As a cattle owner, it is imperative that you know how to tend to your animal’s needs, including property selection, feeding, and caring. Consider these tips as you start your journey: Read the rest of this entry

Tips for Starting a Cattle Ranch

Cattle ranches typically raise livestock for beef production. Some ranches though, focus on cow calf enterprises. Usually, cattle ranches sell calves when they are 6 months old and weigh around 500 pounds. Some ranches are stocker or feeder enterprises which purchase calves and grow them until they reach 700 to 900 pounds. A market beef operation, meanwhile, feeds and grows a stocker or feeder cattle to a market weight of around 1,200 pounds. Read the rest of this entry

Is There Really A Difference Between a Ranch and a Farm?

A bit.

Most people like to think that a ranch and a farm are two interchangeable terms because they both refer to the agricultural sector. However, there are slight differences between a ranch and a farm, based on observation and the opinions of people involved in agriculture: Read the rest of this entry

Making Vacation Ranches Safer for Kids

Ranches are exciting places where families can foster a stronger bond. If the parents are city dwellers who have fond memories of their early years out in the country, they may want their own children to have similar experiences. Such families may skip the occasional visit to guest ranches and opt to purchase vacation ranches of their own. Read the rest of this entry