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Cowboy Conundrum: Running a Ranch Wisely

One of the most enduring icons of America’s rich and storied past is the cowboy—not the heavily romanticized gunslingers of the silver screen, but the noble ranchers and pioneers of the untamed plains. The cowboys of old typically raised ranches at the fringes of civilization, ever seeking fertile land and cattle to herd from the wilds. So popular is the image of the cowboy that the culture still endures. Read the rest of this entry


Three Essential Tips for Future Beef Producers

So you’re looking at a handful of ranches for sale where you can start your beef production business. Before you begin your cattle-raising journey, know that it’s never too early to begin making management decisions that will affect the productivity and profitability of your herd. Here are tips and guidelines to consider: Read the rest of this entry

Two Tips on Starting a Horse Breeding Ranch

Starting a horse breeding ranch is one of the options available to people who are looking to buy a ranch for sale in Wyoming. Developing this venture can be a difficult task. However, the usefulness of horses assures that there will never be a shortage in the demand for these animals, making horse breeding a highly profitable business.

If you are interested in starting a horse breeding ranch, here are two important tips to remember: Read the rest of this entry

US Beef Industry Keeps Growing

When it comes to beef, only a few other types can compete with the appeal of top quality beef produced in the United States. In support of that claim, the US beef industry exported $5.51 billion on 1.13 million metric tons of beef to other countries, with Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea as the top US beef export markets. While these are already staggering amounts, analysts have claimed that the 2012 figures exceed 2011’s annuals by 2%; and 2013 is projected to see an increase as well. Read the rest of this entry

Cattle Raising During a Dry Spell

Drought always takes its toll on agriculture, whether you’re growing crops or raising cattle. Not only will the intense heat rob cattle of their fodder, but also of their strength if they stay outside for longer than necessary. Despite drought conditions easing since 2008, Wyoming remains the fifth driest state in the country according to the Wyoming State Climate Office. If you’ll look at the state via Google Maps, you can see just how dry the vast expanse of land really is. Read the rest of this entry

The Return of Grass-Fed Beef

Wyoming has plenty of ranch land to go around, so there’s no reason for cattle raisers not to feed their herds with grass. There’s a renewed effort among livestock advocates to promote grass-fed beef, even in places where cattle is fed with grain (hint, hint: Nebraska). The process may take longer with grass feeding, but this type of beef has proven its quality. As “you are what you eat,”the same holds true for cattle. Read the rest of this entry