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Natural Beauty Makes CO Perfect for Dude Ranches

It is fairly common for people to purchase ranch land in an attempt to join the US beef industry. Judging from the strong performance of the US beef industry in recent times, who can blame them? However, people looking to purchase ranches in Colorado often have an option that other ranches cannot offer.

The state of Colorado has been blessed with abundant natural beauty in the form of the Rocky Mountains as well as multiple lakes and rivers. This natural beauty is often the reason why people who purchase ranches in Colorado convert their properties into dude ranches. Read the rest of this entry


Types of Dude Ranches You Can Start in Oregon

The goal of a dude ranch has remained mostly unchanged throughout the years: to create a family-friendly vacation destination that offers guests a chance to experience the Wild West lifestyle. However, there are many different types of dude ranches you can start after purchasing a ranch for sale in Oregon.

These are listed below, along with a short commentary on how the three types differ from each other: Read the rest of this entry