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Enjoying Ranch Living: Perks of the Rural Life

While the hustle and bustle of the city can be fun, sometimes you just need to take a step away from civilization. Living on a ranch is one way you can do this; and making such a move is definitely one decision that you would not regret. Here are three perks of rural life to convince you. Read the rest of this entry


Getting Cattle Farming Basics Right the First Time Around

Cattle farming may seem like a daunting task, especially for people who may have purchased a ranch on a whim. Such ranch owners may find themselves wondering whether they have the capacity to carry out the daunting task of livestock raising if they do not have the benefit of first-hand experience. Read the rest of this entry

Points To Consider Before Buying A Ranch

The prospect of starting a new life in a ranch can be pretty overwhelming, especially among those who have grown weary of the fast-paced life in concrete jungles and the monotonous suburbs. However, aspiring ranchers should look before they leap to avoid falling out of love with their new property. They would do well to consider some factors that will impact their future in a ranch: Read the rest of this entry

Is There Really A Difference Between a Ranch and a Farm?

A bit.

Most people like to think that a ranch and a farm are two interchangeable terms because they both refer to the agricultural sector. However, there are slight differences between a ranch and a farm, based on observation and the opinions of people involved in agriculture: Read the rest of this entry

Explore Better Tax Options in a Ranch Sale

Ranches are worthy investments for those who need some space away from the city and wish to enjoy nature on their own. When the acreage is in the thousands and the location is just right, you will be treated to a vast expanse that is unimaginable. What if circumstances do result in you having to sell the property? The taxman may have some deferral strategies for you to consider. Read the rest of this entry

Cattle Raising During a Dry Spell

Drought always takes its toll on agriculture, whether you’re growing crops or raising cattle. Not only will the intense heat rob cattle of their fodder, but also of their strength if they stay outside for longer than necessary. Despite drought conditions easing since 2008, Wyoming remains the fifth driest state in the country according to the Wyoming State Climate Office. If you’ll look at the state via Google Maps, you can see just how dry the vast expanse of land really is. Read the rest of this entry