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Why New Mexico Ranches Offer a Unique Investment Opportunity

The Land of Enchantment lives up to its name, a state with a diversity of both landscape and people. Originally settled by the Spanish, New Mexico officially became part of the United States in 1912. Since then it has continued to be a melting pot of various cultures, with large populations of people of Native American and Hispanic origin.Why New Mexico Ranches Offer a Unique Investment OpportunityThe diversity doesn’t stop with the people, as New Mexico boasts all kinds of land ripe for exploration and cultivation. There are deserts, mountain ranges, and national parks in abundance, so it is no wonder that New Mexico Ranches are seen as a desirable investment proposition.

Landscape Which Can Be Enjoyed Year Round

From deserts to snow-capped mountains, New Mexico has it all. You are never far away from an entirely different vista, with the state full of fantastic national parks, perfect for exploring on foot or horseback. White Sands National Monument is home to some impressive dunes, while skiing can be enjoyed at Taos Ski Valley. This fantastic diversity makes the state an ideal base for a family or for managing a sporting ranch.

Big Blue Ranch in Angel Fire is a perfect representation of this diversity, with excellent hunting, fly-fishing, and ease of access to ski resorts all possible at different times of the year. You will never be far away from forested slopes or a creek teeming with fish.

Flora and Fauna

New Mexico has so many possibilities for a potential rancher when it comes to the native population of flora and fauna. Myriad creatures roam the various terrains making big game hunting and fishing favorite past-times. Black Bears, pronghorn, mountain lions, elk, and bighorn sheep can be found, along with countless varieties of game and fish. All this wildlife live in a range of altitudes surrounded by flora just as diverse.

Getting involved in the various conservation initiatives of the state government is a very worthwhile pursuit which also brings with it several attractive tax credits. Larger ranches also usually have private landowner tags, which makes them very appealing for trophy hunters. For example, Big Blue Ranch eight elk tags, while the Luera Ranch has fifteen elk and two antelope tags.

Raising Livestock

One of the key features of the early days in New Mexico were the cattle drives, and the spirit of the cowboy still lives on, on the cattle ranches of New Mexico. Dairy products are significant drivers of the state economy, with beef also playing an important role. In fact, cattle are a precious commodity and demand for dairy and beef is likely to increase over the coming years.

Luera Ranch in Magdalena has a large cattle operation, with the potential to scale should the need arise. The fertile soil and rolling grasslands make an excellent place for grazing and raising cattle year-on-year.

A Diverse Landscape with Diverse Opportunities

Whatever draws you to New Mexico you can be sure you will never be bored. Ranching offers unlimited possibilities, and you are sure to find the opportunity which you have been looking for.


Why Investing in Utah Ranches is a Sound Investment

The landscape in Utah is simply breathtaking and provides many opportunities for ranching. It has a rich history and is home to some of most sought-after property in the whole of the USA. Deciding to invest in Utah Ranches is an excellent long-term strategy whether you are building a property portfolio or interested in exploring the endless possibilities of managing a living, breathing ranch.Why Investing in Utah Ranches is a Sound InvestmentOne thing you need to be aware of is that properties don’t stay on the market for long, so you should be ready to make an offer if you see a property that gets your interest.

A Great Place to Escape to

Utah is a large state, but it only has a population of around 3 million, with large tracts of land uninhabited. The further away from Salt Lake City, you get, the more isolated you will be, which for some people, will be their idea of paradise.

Long hikes surrounded by nature will be available on a daily basis, as will a multitude of other activities depending on the season and location of your ranch.

Breathtaking Landscape

No matter where you are in the state, you will never be far away from some of the most glorious landscape in the state, if not the US as a whole. National Parks such as Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, alongside the Monument Vally Navajo Tribal Park is home to valleys, canyons, and out-of-this-world rock formations. Anyone who is interested in hiking, rock-climbing, and photography will be overwhelmed with the choices of adventures right there on the doorstep.

Diverse Flora and Fauna

In amongst all this fantastic scenery lives myriad species of animals, with big game and bird hunting and fly-fishing being favorite activities across the state. Bison, Wild Turkey, and Bobcats are just a few examples of animals native to Utah, while you will find elks, pronghorns and countless deer wondering the mountains and plains. There are, also, sizeable numbers of trout swimming in the waters, making Utah an oasis for lovers of the great outdoors.

This diversity creates many opportunities for owners of ranch properties. They may decide to develop a hunting lodge, which is an extremely lucrative income stream during the hunting season.

Development Opportunities

With ranches available in various sizes and locations, development opportunities are available for any investor. For example, extensive and well-irrigated grasslands combined with water rights can allow for the scalable cultivation of livestock for sale or big game conservation projects. Either of these ventures can offer excellent returns-on-investment, and in the case of conservation, tax breaks.

Using the land for the cultivation of crops, also, has considerable rewards for an investor who wants to maximize the efficiency of available land. Hay, wheat, barley, and corn are all important crops which help to sustain Utah’s robust economy.

Even though Utah is sparsely populated, the population in the cities is growing quite quickly, which means demand for meat and crops is likely to increase over the coming years. Whatever you decide to use your land for, there has never been a better time to invest in Utah.

3 Reasons to Invest in Colorado Ranches

For prospective buyers, Colorado offers so many options regardless of whether you are looking for big game hunting, raising livestock or for enjoying the various outdoor pursuits throughout the state. With a massive range of acreage and usages, Colorado ranches may just be the investment opportunity you have been looking for.

Three Reasons to Invest in Colorado Ranches

Exceptional Big Game Hunting

Colorado is home to a wealth of big game across a multitude of mountains, grasslands, and forests that make up the diverse landscape of the state.

Bear, elk, pronghorn, deer, moose, and black bear are found in large numbers on or near to most Colorado ranches.

The Smith Basin Ranch in Toponas is ideal for trophy hunters due to the large population of elk which travel through the site throughout the year. The elk are part of the largest herds in the state: the White River Elk and the owner enjoys private hunting rights. This would be attractive enough, but the site also boasts significant water rights and a multitude of other big game regularly travels through the property.

Superlative Fishing

With plenty of rivers, lakes, and streams dissecting the state, Colorado is angler’s dream, with several ranches offering private fisheries and access to waters with abundant fish populations. One ranch with genuinely outstanding options is Calloway Hill Ranch in Larimer County, with an almost endless supply of fishable waters.

The property has private access to several stretches of the Cache La Poudre River. As well as the Halligan Reservoir, enabling year-round fishing in stunning surroundings. Also, the prime location of the ranch provides additional fishing opportunities in nearby national parks.

Another outstanding property for fishing is the Open Box Z Ranch two-hours outside of Denver, which has exclusive access to some of the most exceptional trout fishing in the country. Located in the Central Mountains gives numerous world-class ski resorts in the winter, but it is water which is the primary drawing card of this ranch.

Open Box Z’s fantastic location on a stretch of Troublesome Creek offers excellent fishing, while the site has extensive water rights. All of this combines to make the ranch a very exciting investment.

World Class Outdoor Activities

Colorado is a year-round adventure seeker’s paradise with a wide array of activities to enjoy on and off the ranches. In the summer, hiking, horse riding, and sailing are just some of the activities which can be enjoyed. But, it is the winter that Colorado truly excels with a multitude of world-class ski resorts being a short ride away from most of the ranches. For example, Snowmass Wilderness Estate is only 45-minutes away from Aspen, and Cross Mountain Ranch is just 45-minutes away from Steamboat Springs. This can create many potential business opportunities.

For the keen sportsman, the Mountain Spirit on the Navajo in Chromo is the perfect ranch for spending long days out in nature. The long summer days can be enjoyed on foot or horseback, while in the winter season, the ranch enjoys easy access to Wolf Creek Ski area an emerging ski resort with some of the best snow in the state.

Whatever your reasons for investing in Colorado, you are sure to find the perfect ranch.

Excellent Investment Opportunities Await on Wyoming Ranches

With stunning landscape across the state, it isn’t hard to see why Wyoming ranches are such a sought-after investment. It is home to two of the largest and most famous national parks in the US, which play host to a diverse range of flora and fauna.Excellent Investment Opportunities Await on Wyoming RanchesWhether you are looking to raise cattle or hunt big game, you will find a wealth of options in the mountains and plains of Wyoming. And, with some fantastic new properties just coming on to the market, now is the perfect time to invest.

Big Game

The topography of the land and the vast areas of protected land are home to some of the largest game in the country: Moose, Mule Deer, Bison, Antelope, Elk, and Bighorn Sheep are all found in large numbers throughout the state. Hunting is strictly controlled so when you are looking at sites; it is worth checking out whether the ranch has any tags allocated to it.

Hidden Valley Ranch in Glenrock offers outstanding hunting opportunities for the seasoned sportsman. The ranch has an enviable location crisscrossed by four creeks and sees large numbers of deer and elk throughout the year. In fact, part of the property is in Elk Zone 7 and is, therefore, qualifies for landowner tags, for both elk and deer.

Another excellent option for big game hunters is Elk Haven Ranch in Platte County. It is, also, located in Elk Zone 7 and close to Deer Area 64. This means big game is never far away and getting hunting tags is relatively straightforward.

Cattle Farming

Agriculture is big business in Wyoming, and many ranches offer unique land for raising cattle. When looking at potential investment opportunities, you need to look for a high acreage combined with adequate water supplies.

One ranch that everything is the China Wall Ranch located in Albany County. Water and pasture land are abundant throughout the site, and the local livestock market isn’t far away either, significantly reducing transportation costs. And, if that wasn’t enough its excellent location affords it landowner tags for elk, deer, and antelope.

Another intriguing investment opportunity for experienced or new cattle ranchers is Brees Ranch in Albany County. Rolling hills are spread throughout the ranch and offering excellent opportunities for large-scale cattle operations, and the potential for a significant return on investment. Also, the ranch is located close to Laramie, which offers the best of both worlds.

The Great Outdoors

Wyoming is the quintessential ‘great outdoors’ with a diverse landscape and many national parks within its borders. Two examples are Yellowstone and Grand Teton, which are known all around the world for their incredible views, flora, fauna, and adventure opportunities.

In addition to hunting and cattle ranching, the state offers numerous opportunities for fishing, climbing, hiking, skiing, and off-road cycling. Jack Creek Ranch located close to Bighorn National Forest is an excellent example of a ranch with year-round possibilities. The ranch itself has a diverse topography with magnificent views across the Bighorn Basin, as well as enjoying a vast forest as a neighbor. If you are a fan of horse riding or hiking, then the opportunities are endless.

If you a keen angler then the Snowy Range Fishing Lodge is the place for you, as it is home to 2.5 miles of Gold Medal Trout Fishing. With a considerable amount of Rainbow, Brown, and Cutthroat Trout anglers come from all over the country to try their luck, and always go home happy. There is potential for a significant return on investment from this property due to the fishing and lodging on-site.

An Introduction to Montana Ranches for Sale

Montana is a truly magnificent state with so much to see and do within its borders. Grasslands, lakes, and mountain ranges create a diverse terrain perfect for ranching and outdoor activities. The Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and the open spaces of the Glacier National Park all combine to create the stunning landscape Montana is famous for. In the times of our forefathers, it was the final frontier, and for those that made it, they were delighted about that too.An Introduction to Montana Ranches for SaleCattle ranching is big business for the state, which like Nebraska, has more head of cattle than people. Either directly working cattle or working in partnership with cattle owners offer attractive business opportunities. Regardless of the reasons for investing, Montana ranches for sale represent an exciting investment opportunity, which doesn’t come along every day.

Raising Livestock

Montana has a rich history of cattle ranching, and this doesn’t show any signs of changing anytime soon. Various species of cow and sheep provide a vital source of income for successful cattle operations. Depending on the location of the ranch, it is possible to conduct money-making activities throughout the year. For example, the Antelope Springs Ranch in Cohagen represents a very exciting investment.

There are significant tracts of land suitable for raising sizeable numbers of cows and sheep. Dairy, beef, and wool are all in high demand, and this ranch has the scope to produce all three in large quantities.

Cinch Buckle Ranch in Broadus, also, offers excellent scope for raising cows. The current owners have made a significant investment in improving the water supply to minimize the effects of drought and to sustain the land for a large herd of cattle.

Outdoorsman Paradise

Raising cattle is not the only thing that draws people to Montana. Outdoorsmen, sportsmen, explorers, and adventurers have been brought to the iconic landscape, punctuated by clear, blue lakes and mountain ranges for generations. Large tracts of land remain relatively untouched and no matter whether you are on foot, horseback, or in a truck you are likely to be awestruck by the captivating views.

Fly-fishing is first class in Montana with numerous stretches of Blue Ribbon Trout rivers. Sundance Bench Ranch is well-placed to take advantage of this and enjoys a private stretch of the Madison River. Hours can be spent enjoying the tranquility of nature while catching some of the largest trout on offer.

Being home to some stunning national parks such as Glacier and parts of Yellowstone means that big game can regularly be seen wondering through the ranches. Chief Mountain Ranch occupies a superlative tract of land close to Glacier, so bears, moose, and elk are examples of potential hunting opportunities.

In addition to their livestock operations, Cinch Buckle and Antelope Springs see large numbers of antelope, mule deer, and game, providing a welcome distraction when not attending to the cattle.

The ranches above are just a sample of what is on offer in ‘The Treasure State,’ and if you find the West beckoning you, then Montana might just be the best place for you to start your new life.

Nebraska Ranches: Reasons to Invest

If your dream is to operate a living and breathing ranch with large-scale farming operations, then look no further than Nebraska. Beef, particularly Angus, and corn are two of the major sources of income, and Nebraska Ranches are well-placed to take advantage of the rising demand for food across the states and the world.Nebraska Ranches- Reasons to InvestThe Beef State is an attractive proposition for the right investors, with usable land at an absolute premium, so the potential for a high return-on-investment is excellent indeed. In addition to all the hard work, there are a wealth of leisure activities to enjoy across the state. Hunting on-and-off ranch, enjoying nature in the Sandhills region, or enjoying a leisurely sailing trip on a lake are a few examples of how you can spend your time if you are not busy managing the day-to-day operations of your ranch. 

Where are all the people?

This is a question you may find yourself legitimately asking when moving across the state. This is because there are more cattle than humans across the state. The cattle industry is a massive driver of the local economy, with only Texas having a higher rate of production. In fact, beef is such an important commodity that, ’The Beef State’ was put on all licenses plates issued during the mid-50s and 60s.

These days Nebraskans are still very proud of their beef, and it fuels other areas of the local economy, such as the production of corn. The cows can work alongside the natural environment to create a large bounty, which then has a positive knock-on effect on businesses and the people.

For an industry which is so entrenched in the psyche of the local population, it is hard to believe that cows are not native to the region. However, through the hard work of generations of cattle ranchers, they have become an integral part of the local eco-systems and economy.

Cattle Ranching

Unsurprisingly, investors who consider purchasing a ranch in Nebraska want to get in on the action. This can mean raising cattle or managing grazing land, which can be leased to cattle owners during the season. Both options offer a hardworking rancher impressive rewards.

Before investing though, it is crucial that you become well-acquainted with the land and the possibilities that it allows. Throughout Nebraska, ranches play a pivotal role in sustaining the delicate balance of various eco-systems and not all land may be appropriate for grazing.

This is probably an obvious point, but cattle ranching is hard work and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. However, for the rancher looking to get their hands dirty, the rewards on offer are very exciting.

Diverse, Mineral Rich Land

No matter where you are in the state, the land can be used for a variety of purposes. Beef is the primary driver of the agriculture sector, but corn, alfalfa, and wheat are all crops in much demand. This trend is unlikely to go anywhere but up in the coming years.

Many prosperous ranches in the state can produce a variety of crops and raise livestock, as they have an excellent system of irrigation and significant water rights. And, as the soil is mineral rich it is possible to diversify and scale operations per the requirements of the market. It is also possible to rent out pockets of land as well, for other people to plant crops or graze livestock. The options are truly limitless.

The mineral-rich land provides a fertile environment perfect for ranching, but the contents of the soil, and what lies beneath it, can also be a massive revenue stream. When investing in land check to see who owns the mineral rights to the land; as this can have a severe impact on future operations and profits. If the property comes with mineral rights, then you are making an excellent investment.