Three Reasons Why Trophy Hunters Should Buy Wyoming Ranches in the Wheatland Area

The wide-open spaces of Wyoming have been attracting hunters to the area for many, many generations. Wyoming is well-known for its massive population of elk, but this isn’t the only reason why Wyoming is the perfect location for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

When outdoor enthusiasts consider buying property in the area, they are looking for the right balance between access to top hunting spots and local townships and cities, as well as access to private landowner tags or favorable draw odds. In our latest post, we have put together three lessons why investors should buy Wyoming ranches in the Wheatland area.

Introducing Wheatland, Wyoming

When you start looking for recreational property in Wyoming, you should consider its proximity to a local township or city. Even if you are looking for an isolated property, life will be easier if you can gain easy access to nearby areas, especially if you are planning to commute or do business which will involve transportation of goods.

Lightning caused Arapahoe forest fire burns over horses grazing Wheatland Wyoming Rocky Mountains

Wheatland in Platte County makes an ideal staging post and a nice place to get some creature comforts. It is home to a thriving local community, and it was recently voted as one of the best places to raise a family in the state.

Its location on Interstate 25 enables easy access to Denver and the National Parks located throughout Wyoming. In fact, in this part of Wyoming, you are never far away from prime hunting territory due to the sheer volume of animals which roam the area.

Large Density of Big Game

Wheatland is located close to the Laramie Range, which is home to a large volume of big game such as deer, elk, and antelope. The state is divided into numerous hunting zones, and ranch properties in the area are either located within a zone or very close to one. Generally, hunting tags are easy to gain.

If you are lucky, the property you are looking at will have private landowner tags, which are a valuable commodity enabling you to enjoy private hunting throughout the season.

Stunning Scenery

This part of Wyoming offers spectacular vistas throughout the year and is a great place to escape. Its location close to the Laramie Range means there is a wealth of recreational activities to enjoy during the year.

There is an abundance of water, and the diverse landscape means there is always a steady flow of big game wandering around the area.

When you are not hunting, the area offers some outstanding fishing, hiking, and horseback riding trails. It is a great place to kick back and relax whenever you have had a busy day or need to escape your life in the city.

Diverse Opportunities

Land and property represent a solid investment with a great potential for growth. Having a good parcel of land provides opportunities to diversify your income generating operations.

Holding private landowner tags combined with high-quality lodging will attract serious hunters who are prepared to pay a premium for the opportunity to hunt on your land.

Another reason why the Wheatland area is a great place to invest in the possibility to create a legacy ranch for future generations to enjoy. As more land gets dedicated to agricultural land, there will be a demand for a pristine area with a diverse range of wildlife on site. This will mean that your investment today will help to provide financial security for future generations of your family.


Three Reasons Why Montana Ranches for Sale are a Perfect Investment

Montana is a truly magical place with some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. You are never far away from jaw-dropping vistas, whether you are working the land or on a long hike.

The state is home to some prime real estate, with profitable agricultural operations in the grassland of the east and secluded mountain getaways in the west. If you are considering the purchase of a ranch, then you should look no further than Montana. Read on to find out why Montana ranches for sale are a perfect investment.

Outstanding Land East and West of the Continental Divide

Summer sunset with a red barn in rural Montana and Rocky Mountains

Montana is roughly divided into the mountainous west and the plains of the east by the Continental Divide. Having a clear picture of what you want the ranch will help you to choose the right area for your chosen business venture.


The western part of the state is famous for the stretch of the Rocky Mountains that runs through it.  It is a perfect place for lovers of the outdoors with lakes and forests providing excellent fishing and hiking opportunities. The diverse landscape also creates the ideal habitat for wildlife such as elk, moose, black bear, and grizzly bear.

This part of Montana is also home to Glacier National Park and the north-western part of Yellowstone National Park, which makes it a perfect place for outdoorsmen. Investing in guest lodging is a smart strategy to attract hunters and anglers.


The plains of Montana cover the Eastern part of the state once you cross the Continental Divide. This area is ideal for agricultural operations due to its well-renowned grasslands and wide-open spaces. Many ranches in the area run very successful cattle businesses.

The quality of the land also attracts a large variety of big game and upland birds, providing excellent conditions for hunting when you are not working. This part of Montana is an excellent place to expand your investment portfolio or start a new cattle venture.

Diverse Opportunities

Ranches in Montana offer so many opportunities for recreation and business ventures. Even if you are just looking for a vacation getaway, it is possible to lease parts of the land for grazing or hire a ranch management team to nurture the land.

It is also possible to develop part of the land for guests. If the property holds landowner tags or access to private stretches of well-stocked waters, then discerning sportsmen will be prepared to pay a premium to pay a visit.

A Great Way of Life

Montana offers the perfect escape from city living and is a great place to enjoy the magic of the west. The wide-open spaces of the east and the secluded mountain locations of the west offer places to work and relax without the distractions of the modern world.

That isn’t to say you have to give up those creature comforts completely. There is excellent road infrastructure throughout the state making it easy to get to nearby townships. But with the beauty of a Montana ranch, you may not want to head back to the city too often.


Three Reasons Why Lovers of The Great Outdoors Should Buy Colorado Ranches

Colorado is home to some of the best landscape in the world, with many different activities to enjoy throughout the year. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Colorado, with its snowcapped mountains, vast forests, rivers, and plains. You are never far away from nature, even if you choose to move to Denver or live near a local township.

It is an excellent place to set up a home for your family or to start a new business venture, so it is no wonder that outdoor enthusiasts choose to buy Colorado ranches. In this latest post, we will showcase three of the main reasons it truly is the perfect place to make a property investment.

Abundance of Wildlife

Unsurprisingly, for a state with such a diverse landscape, there is a vast variety of flora and fauna within the state lines. Elk, deer, bighorn sheep, and black bears are just some of the examples of the big game which can be found in different parts of the state. Alongside the big game, there are well-stocked fisheries, an abundant array of birdlife and other creatures that make a home in Colorado.

Even if you are not an active hunter, you can enjoy the large volume of animals which will wander throughout your property during the year. Seeing nature go about its daily business is a truly inspiring site, especially when you are enjoying it from the comfort of your front porch.

Winding Mountain Trail

The Colorado state government has introduced many initiatives to protect the state’s flora and fauna, and this can present potential opportunities for landowners. Conservation easements are a great way to help out nature, while also gaining some tax benefits.

Huge Range of Outdoor Activities

Colorado is an outdoor lover’s paradise with a wealth of outdoor activities to enjoy throughout the year. As there are excellent road infrastructure and air connections, you will never be far away from one of the National Parks or world-class ski resorts.

Many Colorado properties offer outstanding hiking, hunting, and fishing within their boundaries, while others enjoy desirable locations close to mountain ranges, forests, and national parks. And, if you enjoy city life, you can still find outstanding properties close to Denver which provide the perfect balance of ranch life and the creature comforts of a big city.

Outstanding Infrastructure

Even if you choose to buy a ranch in an isolated location, you will never be that far from civilization. Many ranches are in excellent end-of-the-road locations, which can give the impression of being far-removed from normal city life, when in fact, the property is only a short drive away from local townships. There is an excellent network of well-maintained roads and interstates, so you should always be free to come and go as you please.

This situation creates the perfect balance for investors who are looking to do business around the state or use the ranch as a holiday home. This, coupled with the numerous airports scattered around the state, make Colorado an attractive proposition.

Taking to the Water: Three Reasons to Buy Utah Ranches

Utah land is well-known for being a sound investment, and properties very rarely stay on the market for long. Many investors head to Utah to start an agricultural business or because of the outstanding hunting available.

The state is famous for its elk hunting and outstanding ski resorts, but one thing that it doesn’t get so much credit for is its well-stocked waters. Utah is a fly fisher’s paradise with some properties enjoying miles of private fishing. That is just one reason why investors should buy Utah ranches.

Outstanding Waters

If you are an avid fly-fisher and want excellent year-round fishing opportunities, then you should look no further than Utah. There is an excellent selection of ranches with well-stocked fisheries or a close proximity to lakes and rivers. If you get lucky, some of the properties actually have private stretches of river running through them.

Areas such as Boulder Mountain are home to a considerable number of cutthroat, brook, brown, and rainbow trout, while Strawberry Reservoir is home to sizeable schools of kokanee salmon. Green River also offers gold medal trout waters.

Horseback Riders at Sunset

Views to Die For

The combination of good quality water with a stunning backdrop is exhilarating and can really help you to relax. Utah is home to a diverse range of landscapes, with mountain ranges and forested hills never too far away. Unsurprisingly, this makes the state an ideal spot for big game hunting.

The Wasatch mountain range serves as a stunning backdrop to many ranches but also ensures that these areas are well-watered. The runoff creates numerous creeks which head off to the Weber River. The pristine waters are ideal breeding grounds for fish and mean the land is well-watered, which attracts lots of wildlife.

When you take to the waters and are surrounded by nature, it is hard not to stand back in awe. Just make sure you don’t miss that big catch you have been after!

Business Opportunities

Should you purchase a property with top-quality fishable waters, then there is the opportunity to turn this into a business operation. It is possible to create exclusive fishing retreats, which can bring in a considerable amount of income especially if you offer excellent lodging.

As we mentioned earlier, the region is well-watered and has a diverse terrain which attracts a variety of big game and birdlife, making the ranches in the area particularly attractive to outdoor enthusiasts. The right property could be easily developed into a private sporting lodge for discerning clientele.

You could also diversify further by getting involved with one of Utah’s conservation projects. These projects can bring about considerable tax benefits, while also helping the local ecosystems to flourish.

What Are You Waiting For

Utah is an excellent place to invest in due to its robust economy and a fabulous range of property. For lovers of gold medal fishing, it is possible to find a dream property with access right off your front porch.

Five Things to Consider When Looking for Nebraska Ranches for Sale

Nebraska is a state synonymous with agriculture and the great outdoors and is a great place to start a new venture.  Cattle and corn are the two main drivers of the local ag trade, so there is scope to build a successful business as the demand for food is unlikely to decrease any time soon.

But it isn’t just agriculture which draws people to Nebraska. It is a beautiful state with a vast range of activities to enjoy. No matter your reasons for wanting to head out west, there are some things you need to consider when looking for Nebraska ranches for sale.


The location of the property is usually a significant factor in any buying decision. There are a wide variety of ranches throughout the state, so having a clear idea of the sort of lifestyle you would like to have can help you to narrow down your search area.

Beef Feedlot, North Platt, Nebraska, USA

Do you want to get away from it all or would you like to be part of an established farming community?  Some locations are also better for certain activities due to the lay of the land and the nature of the soil. Therefore, before you start your search have a clear idea of what you want from a ranch property otherwise, you could end up searching in the entirely wrong area.

Ranch Operation

Nebraska is one of the largest producers of beef in the United States, and there are several properties on the market which would make great turn-key investments. Even if you are not an experienced rancher, there are many opportunities to gain a sustainable source of income by leasing grazing land.

Some properties are prime candidates for the raising of horses, while others could be run as a sporting lodge. In many cases, it is possible to combine multiple different operations; it really depends on how much time and effort you are personally willing to put into the property.

Financial Implications

Experienced ranchers will be well aware of the financial implications of running a ranch, both positive and negative ones. Obviously, there will be upfront costs, but it is important to be sure of what you are buying and the condition of equipment and existing infrastructure.

Some properties will come with water and mineral rights, which can be highly lucrative. There may also be potential to get a conservation easement on the part of your land, which can lead to tax benefits.

There are so many things to consider that we highly recommend hiring a property consultant familiar with the Nebraska market. The knowledge they will have will be invaluable and will help you judge whether the property you are looking at is a sound investment.

Recreational Activities

One of the many benefits of owning a ranch is the access to a multitude of recreational activities right on your doorstep. There is a huge range of big game, waterfowl, and trophy fish roaming the land and waters of the state, making a ranch in the area a perfect getaway for the outdoorsman.

If you are bringing kids with you, then there are loads of activities for them to enjoy such as hiking, bike rides, camping amongst many others.

Surrounding Area

Once you have looked at the properties and done your due diligence, you should consider what the surrounding area has to offer.  If you have a young family or don’t want to give up the creature comforts of the city altogether, then you will want easy access to local cities and townships.

Towns such as Chappell and Scottsbluff are pleasant towns which offer an abundance of shopping and dining options. They also have schools and many other facilities any family needs. These towns are well-placed for people who opt to buy a ranch in the surrounding Nebraskan countryside.

Exciting Investment and Career Opportunities on Kansas Ranches

The next ten years are likely to see a lot of changes in the agricultural industry in both Kansas and across the whole of the USA. A recent report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) highlighted that the majority of farm and ranch owners are likely to retire in the next decade, which will leave a gap which will need filling.

In some states, the local governments have already introduced initiatives to help new farmers/ranchers gain access to a financially viable agricultural property. Therefore, now is an exciting time for people looking for new investments or career opportunities. And, Kansas ranches offer the perfect mix of location, size, and price to start up a new operation.

Panorama of wheat field in the morning in Kansas

What to Look For

For new ranchers, having a site with existing infrastructure will be an excellent place to start. This will save you time and money at the beginning, which will allow you to focus on other areas of your business.

You really need to take a long look at the lay of the land and see what operations could be successfully run on site. Some sites are ideal for recreation, while others work better for agricultural production.

With that in mind, you would also need to consider the zoning laws in place, as well as the water, mineral and access rights to the property, all factors which can have an impact on the value of the land.

Reasons to Invest

There are many reasons why now is a great time to invest in land in Kansas such as:

  • Growth Potential – due to the growing population of the world, there is an increased demand for food. Productive ranch operations are likely to see a steady appreciation in value, which is ideal for investment minded buyers. Even if you are not an experienced farmer, there is massive earning potential by working with the local farmers by leasing pasture land.
  • The Great Outdoors – owning a ranch offers a fantastic opportunity to escape from the monotony of daily, city-life. Living on or owning property in the great outdoors also provides income potential in the form of making areas or onsite lodging accessible to sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Tax Benefits – operating an agricultural property can bring in considerable tax benefits. For example, when you make infrastructure improvements or make large equipment purchases, you may be eligible for tax deductions. Also, you can gain tax benefits from conservation easements on your property.

Next Steps

If you have your heart set on buying ranch land in Kansas, then you should consider hiring a property consultant with knowledge of the local area. They will be able to advise you on what factors to consider and help find properties which match your requirements.

When you have found a few options, you will need to do the due diligence as well as visit the properties in person. That way you will get a feel for the place and be able to make an informed decision.

As we mentioned earlier, now is an excellent time to invest in agricultural property in Kansas, so what are you waiting for?

What to Expect from a Nebraska Ranch

Nebraska’s varied environments and wildlife make choice land for ranch properties. Forests of cedar and evergreen, wetlands and fens, salt flats and savannas, tall- and short-grass prairies—there is something for everyone here. If you are a hunter, you would be in trophy elk and waterfowl territory. If you are in the cattle or horse industry, there is land abound for just that purpose. And if you are just looking to get away, you would struggle to find a more beautiful and varied location in the United States. Nebraska ranch real estate can put you in the heart of it all!


Whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorns, and wild turkey are some of the many animals you’ll find roaming the Nebraskan pastures and forests. The state’s abundant resources and lush environment make for some very large elk, thus great trophy hunting, once you acquire the necessary licenses.

Nebraska Sandhills

The bodies of water and wetlands of Nebraska are also filled with life. Pheasants, quail, ducks, and geese line the lakes and rivers, birds of all types and colors fill the sky, and fish are bountiful, including walleye, crappie, white bass, largemouth bass, and catfish.


Wide-open pastures, forested hillsides, and iconic rock outcroppings and faults make up Nebraska’s iconic landscape. The woods are filled with a variety of tree species such as cottonwood, bur oak, bitternut hickory, white elm, green ash, and walnut. The marshes and wetlands teem with lilies, willows, bur reeds, and switchgrass. And the famous prairies stretch out as far as the eye can see, often outlined by the shrubbery and brush that grow in the ravines and depressions around them.

You will never forget the first time you see a thicket of wild plum in full bloom, a blanket of ripe yucca plants in the dustier plains, or wild sage and vibrant flowers sprinkled throughout rocky narrow passes, rolling prairies, and forested ridges that the pioneers once roamed.


Nebraskan ranch land will give you access to lands suitable for trophy hunting, cattle grazing, and horse rearing. As mentioned earlier, the large elk make for excellent hunting. But there is plenty of deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, and more to hunt as well. And if you are more of a fisherman, there’s no shortage of fish to catch!

For campers and sightseers who are more interested in taking in the scenery in peace and quiet, there are great nature conservancy lands around the state that are closed to motorized vehicles to allow for wonderful hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, backpacking, and sometimes camping. Horseback riding on the scenic trails has also become a popular pastime, along with water skiing and canoeing.

When winter comes, you won’t need to be shut indoors. The land will still be great for hunting, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, snow skiing, and so much more. And if you never want to be too far away from grocery stores, airports, medical facilities, and other activities like golfing, dining out, or visiting museums, you can always purchase land near major cities or smaller towns.


What Makes Utah Ranches Incredible?

Few ranch locations in the United States have landscapes as iconic and contrasting as Utah ranches. Lush forest-topped mountains, giant red-and-white-striped rock formations, arid and dusty deserts, and salt flats that extend far off into the horizon all make Utah an unforgettably scenic state. Every plot of land holds promise for farming, herding, mountain climbing, hunting, river boating, trail hiking, camping, and so much more. And with so many natural landmarks and national parks and forests to visit, you will always have something fun to do!

Game and More

Wherever your ideal ranch will be located, it will no doubt be brimming with the many species that make up Utah’s wildlife. Mule deer, elk, moose, bull, antelope, and bighorn sheep are some of the many animals that freely roam this state’s landscapes, and wild turkeys, waterfowl, and sandhill cranes can often be found lining the rivers. If your more of a bird watcher, you will be happy to learn that condors, eagles, and falcons can often be spotted in their nests or gliding through the sky.

Gros Ventre River Valley as viewed from Mormon Row in the Grand Teton National Park with an activity blue and cloudy sky

The Utah rivers are also teeming with diverse species of fish, including cutthroat, brown, and golden trout, tiger muskie, kokanee salmon, walleye, bass, and yellow perch, all of which will make for incredible fishing.

Diverse Landscapes

Utah’s landscapes and vegetation are also incredibly diverse, ranging from the famous sandstone cliffs, dusty valleys, sagebrush steppes, and cottonwood-lined rivers to the green mountains, lush woodlands, and wildflower covered hills. Whether you like marshes or meadows, mountains or valleys, there is certainly something here that you will find beautiful!

Some properties even border or contain sites rich in history, like pre-historic ruins, the remains of pioneer structures, beautiful rock formation that have stood for ages, the Green River down which John Wesley Powell traveled during his historic 1869 expedition, ancient caves in which fossils and petroglyphs have been discovered, and countless other rarities you might struggle to find anywhere else.

No Shortage of Fun!

A plot of Utah ranch land will give you access to some of the best trophy elk and waterfowl hunting around, and the rivers and lakes make for great fishing and fly-fishing. But for those who would rather just take in the scenery, there are properties bordering famous national parks and forests that offer all manner of activities like hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, backpacking or taking a relaxing canoe ride through the state’s iconic landscape.

White-water rafting is a popular use of some of Utah’s rivers, and when winter comes, the land is great for skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. The salt flats, ravines, and white striped canyons make for incredible sightseeing as well, and the Utah night sky simply cannot be matched. Unobstructed by artificial light and pollution, the impossibly dark nights will reveal so many new stars that you will have trouble finding even the most identifiable constellations.

For those who never want to be too far away from city life, there are plenty of ranches near major tourist areas like Salt Lake City, and if you are of the small-town variety, there are plenty of calm and sparsely populated towns that will make you feel right at home.

What Makes Colorado Mountain Ranches So Special?

Colorado mountain ranches are simply unmatched in their rich history, stunning scenery, and diverse wildlife. Those who are looking for adventure will have no shortage of activities to sate their wild sides, such as mountain climbing, big game hunting, trail hiking, horseback riding, and snowmobiling. Those who are looking for relaxation will certainly find it while fishing in the crisp mountain streams, taking a walk through the wildflower meadows and red-gold forests, reading a book by a campfire, or falling asleep under the clear night sky. No matter who you are, you will fall in love with every acre of a Colorado mountain ranch.


The Coloradoan mountains and the environments around them are home to a bounty of wildlife that you will have to see to believe. This makes it a great spot for wildlife viewing or big game hunting. Deer, elk, bears, bulls, goats, pronghorns, beavers, coyotes—you name it! And keep an eye on the sky—you might just see a falcon, such as the Peregrine falcon, one of the fastest birds in the world, or some of the many species of pigeons, sparrows, eagles, doves, and owls native to the state.

Panorama of Autumn Mountain Valley at Mt. Sneffels

The streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers are also brimming with trout, salmon, bass, panfish, and many other species. If you are considering a ranch for hunting, consider what type of wildlife will be available and what rules and licenses you will need to follow and attain.


Any plot of land on or around the Colorado mountains is sure to be vast and scenic. Expect to see meadows of vibrant wildflowers, forests of aspen, fir, juniper, and pine, snow-capped mountaintops, and sprawling valleys interrupted only by free-flowing streams and rivers.

In the spring and summer seasons, the forests are an emerald green. But once the fall comes around, the trees turn a fiery red and gold. No matter what your definition of beauty is, you can find it here. Every acre is a postcard-perfect getaway from the stress of modern urban life.


There’s really no limit to all of the activities that a mountain ranch can offer. The right plot of land can be used for just about any outdoor hobby. You can test your mettle by rock climbing the many mountains and peaks sprinkled over Colorado’s topography, and then you can take a break with some fishing in a mountain stream. You can go white-water rafting in the undammed rapids, and then you can take a nice hike through dense forests or open valleys.

Hunters will be happy to find choice big game and diverse wildlife, and campers will find no shortage of scenery and suitable grounds for campsites. Some ranches are only a short drive from charming little towns and all of the amenities and services they have to offer. Theaters, grocery stores, medical services, airports, and other such comforts do not have to be far away! And the fun is not over when winter comes. Great winter activities like snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, hunting, and snowshoeing will keep you busy all season long!

What does a Kansas Ranch Have to Offer?

Kansas is a state of opportunity—and there are Kansas ranches for sale that match any interest. This diverse landscape can be used for livestock, farming, hunting, fishing, camping, or just settling down and relaxing. It has one of the highest populations of whitetails in the nation, and one of the most diverse collections of upland game birds in the world. For fishers, there is no shortage of lakes, rivers, and ponds to try your luck at catching some of the one hundred fish species that fill the Kansas waterways. And if you are really good, you might even qualify for the state’s Master Angler award!

Kansas Wildlife

The floodplains and wetlands of Kansas abound with waterfowl: for ducks, you can find mallards, wood ducks, canvasbacks, gadwall, and pintails. For geese, Canadian, white-fronted, and snow- and blue-light geese are often seen. Trophy big game such as antelope, deer, and elk roam the landscape, and small game such as pheasants, quail, doves, woodcocks, sandhill cranes, teal, and snipe can be found as well.

Flint Hills Sunset

Kansas is also home to some of the best Turkey hunting in all of the United States—not only are wild turkey heavily populated but some of the most desired breeds for hunting, such as Merriam’s, can be found here in tall supply. You can also reel in largemouth, stripped, warmouth, and spotted bass, walleye, wiper, catfish, crappie, sunfish, and so much more.

From Prairies to Plains

Wide open prairies of cordgrass, buffalograss, prairie reeds, wheat, and other tall- and short-grasses give way to sand plains of sagebrush, bluestem, and sand reed adorning dunes and depressions. Forests of oak, hickory, elm, willow, and walnut cover green flatlands and hills colored red by shale and sandstone.

The many floodplains of Kansas, led by the state’s expansive network of rivers, produce wetlands and marshes that are teeming with life and lined with the many types of minerals washed downstream. Such plains are filled with tall grasses and cottonwood forests that thrive in the alluvial soils while oak and hickory trees grow along the bluffs.


A ranch property in this lively state would be your key to some incredible world-class activities. Though Kansas is known for its beautiful trails that are perfect for horseback riding, its landscapes make for wonderful camping and hiking, as well.

We have already talked about some of the incredible big game, small game, and waterfowl hunting opportunities that the state can provide, but it is also great for hunting and trapping furbearers like beaver, muskrat, raccoons, opossum, skunks, and woodchucks. The fishing is great too—Kansas has a prestigious angler recognition program that looks for qualifying “Master Anglers” each year.

If your plot of land is close to a city or town, you can rest assured that you are never too far away from grocery stores, transportation, airports, or medical facilities. And there are plenty of great museums, historic sites, and monuments worth a visit when you need a break from relaxing in great Kansas outdoors!