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Different Types of Ranches for Sale Bring Profitable Opportunities

Who knew that stewardship of natural resources can literally pay off? These days, operating a ranch can be a highly lucrative venture, particularly when you base it on national trends. Recent findings suggest that investing in profitable ranches for sale often entails certain financial advantages. Be it through livestock raising, farming, hunting, recreational activities, these and other types of ranch operations can be valuable income sources. Read the rest of this entry


Elk Hunting: One Reason to Start Looking for Ranches for Sale in Utah

Big game hunting is quite popular in Utah, but this pastime may become more of a necessity than a hobby in the near future. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the state recently saw a surge in the population of elk and wild horses to the point where they may now be competing with local livestock for food. The solution proposed by some ranchers? Issue more elk hunting permits—a decision that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is considering: Read the rest of this entry

Cattle Ranches for Sale in Oregon: Key Factors You Should Consider

New research from the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center (EOARC) gives further proof that chronic stress in cattle can lead to a sharp drop in milk production and livestock wellbeing. In her Burns Times-Herald article, Samantha White shares findings from the EOARC on how the sight, smell, and sound made by wolves is enough to induce a panic response in cows. This response, in turn, increases their body temperature which, as one researcher puts it, is “not a very good thing for health and production.” Read the rest of this entry

Wyoming Ranches for Sale: Things Every Aspiring Rancher Should Know

With parks, farms, and lands for grazing in abundance, it is not surprising why many people consider Wyoming an outdoorsman’s paradise. With this in mind, the University of Wyoming’s Master Cattlemen team is set to hold another Ranch Management Institute from June 9 to June 11, 2014, at the Central Wyoming College’s Sinks Canyon Center. The three-day workshop will focus on good ranch management practices, especially in terms of budgeting, investment analysis, and livestock risk protection. Read the rest of this entry