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What to Look for in Colorado Luxury Ranches

To enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style, Colorado luxury ranches can be great options. Some who enjoy the great outdoors want to have as close to an authentic experience as possible. Braving the outdoors, living off the land, and being fully self-reliant are the dreams of someone who wants to move out into the country.

What to Look for in Colorado Luxury Ranches

Others are looking for luxury, comfort, and quiet solitude — and Colorado luxury ranches fit the bill nicely. What matters most is finding the right mix of size, location, and amenities to be the perfect type of luxury for an individual.


First, searching for the preferred locale is essential for finding the right Colorado luxury ranches. And, when a budget is not a concern, there are so many ways to go. Some may want a luxury ranch in the higher elevations for a snowy winter getaway. Those who enjoy winter recreation can find luxury higher in the mountains.

Sometimes, snow can be a nuisance — especially when it shuts down roads. The Rocky Mountains may define Colorado, but they do not take over the entire state.  Also, there are plenty of plains and desert lands where snow will not be the same issue.


Once the area checks out as the right fit, the next step to finding great Colorado luxury ranches is looking at the properties themselves. How many acres are there? Anything less than a couple dozen acres will be limited in the amount of natural beauty and land available for renting, hunting, etc.

In many cases, what is more important than the number of acres is what do the acres have on them. One thousand acres of arid land with no wildlife is not anyone’s definition of luxury. Some properties have private areas for hunting, lakes for fishing, hills for winter recreational activities, and anything else that can be imagined. But 20,000 acres in the flatlands will not do much for someone who dreams of a luxury ranch as a personal ski resort.

Property Residence

Of course, while all of these activities are great, eventually there has to be somewhere to retire to at night. Creating a completely new residence from the ground up is not only possible but, oftentimes, preferable and does not come close to the cost of the land anyway — in most cases.

For those who want a move-in ready home, think about how many bedrooms should be available, how updated any furniture and appliances are, and what may need to be fixed or maintained. There may also be multiple residences if a ranch was previously used as a rental property too. This is a great supplementary income and, with enough acres, will not cause any privacy disturbances either.

Colorado luxury ranches are certainly not in short supply. However, it is important to not purchase one before being aware of what the different options and features there are for each property. True luxury is in the eye of the beholder. Make sure that you select a property with the appropriate amount of acres and, more importantly, one that creates feelings of luxury and comfort.

Unique Views and Experiences in Northern Utah

During an initial search for Wyoming, Colorado or Utah ranches for sale, one may not know what to expect. To someone who has never been, the states in the western mountainous region of the United States may seem ordinary. But for those who have explored the Rocky Mountains, the many National Parks, and natural landscapes around them, it is clear that there is much more than just a boring chain of mountains.

Unique Views and Experiences in Northern Utah

Northern Utah is one of those areas that may be mountainous but looks quite different from its neighbors in Colorado or Wyoming. Best known for its great salt lake (and the city with its namesake that hosted the 2002 Olympics), there are thousands of acres of available land and ranch property far away from the city centers as well.

The variety of properties in the area allows for a very personalized search as land becomes available for purchase. There is plenty of flat, arid land around Utah that allows for a cattle ranch or dude ranch. On the northwest end of the state, in the counties of Tooele and Box Elder, there are wide open spaces with the arid desert climate for those looking for this type of a ranch style.

But in the northeast, the mountainous regions are better for people interested in recreation activities, hunting, and fishing — or those who wish to live nearer a highly populous city like Salt Lake City.

Wasatch Mountains and National Forest

To the east of Salt Lake City lies the Wasatch Mountains and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The Wasatch Mountains will be favorable for those looking for Utah ranches for sale who are interested in outdoor recreation and hunting. There can be acres of land with legal big-game hunting like bucks, elks, and moose — along with a smaller game like turkeys.

Land acreage in the Wasatch Peak can also feature private areas for skiing and snowboarding, and the neighboring mountain area has even more options. Owners and renters can ski down the same slopes that were used during the Winter Olympics, which happened in the same mountain range.

Ashley National Forest

Further east and to the south of Wyoming is the Ashley National Forest near Vernal, Utah. The Vernal area has plenty of land for sale that can be converted into ranch property. Within Ashley National Forest, there are acres of protected wildlife land for viewing, and fishing is allowed. However, hunting is not. But, for those who prefer photographing and documenting wild animals as opposed to hunting them, this is a great location with plenty of opportunities.

There is an abundance of Utah ranches for sale across the state. Land is widely available across the south and central Utah because it is less populated and can appear more appropriate for those looking to create a ranch rental property. But, the north of the state clearly has much more promise than is sometimes considered. Searching around the national forests in the region and away from Salt Lake City may help you discover a great diamond in the rough.

Prospects of Cattle Ranching in New Mexico

When one thinks of New Mexico, cattle ranches are probably not the first thought that pops in their head. New Mexico’s economy is much more centered around oil and gas; the largest natural gas field is even in the state, and it produces a fair amount of all of the United States’ natural gas.

Prospects of Cattle Ranching in New Mexico

Young Cowgirl rounding up cattle New Mexico USAPlease view other related images of mine

New Mexico may not be the home of the Dallas Cowboys or as synonymous with the cattle industry as Nebraska and Oklahoma. But, with its status as one of the least populous states in the nation, there is still plenty of available space for those interested in cattle ranching in New Mexico.  There may even be cattle ranches already available for sale.

Land Availability

Not all land in New Mexico is conducive for livestock or agriculture. Southern New Mexico is covered largely by the Chihuahuan Desert, and other areas are similarly too arid and dry for grass (and in turn, the cows) to grow. The eastern half of the state is similarly largely semi-arid and not the best for cattle.

The sweet spot for land for livestock is a long sliver in the middle of the state and portions of the western side. Counties in these areas include Catron, Lincoln, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, and some of their neighbors. These counties vary widely in population size, but they all feature a less-harsh climate than the most arid parts and may have acres of land available for new ranchers and those wanting to purchase existing property for New Mexico cattle ranches.

Proximity to Markets

With Farmers Markets increasing in number across the United States, there is a growing interest in eating and shopping from local vendors. Albuquerque and Santa Fe are both easy to get to from potential ranches, and there are many other places to sell goods locally too. This is a great way to establish a brand for owners of New Mexico cattle ranches who are interested in not just selling beef to a bigger provider but actually creating their own business from it.

Santa Fe’s Farmers’ Market has been active for decades and is open most days of the week. Albuquerque has many farmers markets that operate across the city at different dates and times. And outside of those two cities, there are dozens of others that may be more convenient to the ranch. Because of the lack of many large grocery stores, local farmers and ranchers provide an important service, and this can be a profitable partnership.

Other Ranch Features

New Mexico cattle ranches can have much more features on the property. Thanks to the diverse wildlife in the state, land in certain parts will contain fertile hunting grounds for anything from waterfowl to elk. The geographical features of each ranch will vary greatly as well. Hills are common — along with forests, and, sometimes, running streams and rivers as well.

When searching for ranch property for livestock, there are probably many different states thought of before New Mexico. But, this does not mean that New Mexico cattle ranches are not available. The variety of geography allows for suitable conditions in certain parts well protected from temperature and weather extremes.

Natural Landmarks to Visit in Nebraska

A great way to get out of the city and enjoy the natural beauty of the United States is by ranching. In Nebraska, a state dominated by the Great Plains, ranching has become extremely popular — both for tourists looking to spend a few weeks away from the city bustle and permanent residents who want to make their home there. And, just because it is mostly in the Great Plains does not mean that the entire state is simply flat, barren land.

Natural Landmarks to Visit in Nebraska

The state was a hotbed for geological activity for millions of years, and the marks left by these changes have left some of the most fascinating natural structures and attractions in the region. When ranching in Nebraska, below is a list of the natural wonders that must be seen across the state.


To really enjoy nature, seeing animals in their own habitat, as opposed to a zoo, is one of the best ways to do it. The Valentine National Wildlife Refuge is a well-kept oasis of unique animals and other wildlife. Hundreds of species in their natural habitat is enough to keep even the most seasoned photographer on their toes.

For those more interested in historical parks, they should visit Fort Robinson State Park. Visitors are able to ride trails on horseback that the Native Americans, including Chief Crazy Horse, did as well years ago. Also, there are plenty of hiking trails for beginner and advanced participants on the various hills around the park.

Unique Landmarks

Nebraska’s national wonders also include some interesting landmarks. One of the most iconic landmarks in Nebraska is Chimney Rock in Morrill. Located nearly on the western border of Nebraska, those who see Chimney Rock for the first time swear that it was chiseled by hand.

Standing 300 feet taller than the rest of the surrounding land, it really stands out and has for centuries. Pioneers and migrants who were heading further west actually used it as a landmark to know if they were going the right way. Because of its susceptibility to natural damage, the tip of the rock will continue to slowly erode, so it may not a permanent landmark. For anyone who plans on ranching in Nebraska in the near future, it is certainly something to enjoy while it is around.

Thanks to the relatively stable conditions in the state (no major water source to cause massive flooding) and ancient volcanic activity, there are a few federally protected fossil beds. In the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, visitors can see the original cabin where the excavations occurred. Around this monument are thousands of acres of used for cattle ranching. In Nebraska, the most impressive fossil bed is the Ashfall Fossil Bed National Monument, where visitors can see what is actually an active, ongoing excavation effort.

Clearly, there is plenty of natural landmarks to enjoy as a visitor or resident of Nebraska. The natural landmarks have millions of years of history held within them, from prehistoric to the days of the pioneers.

Finding a Ranch Amongst the Red Rocks of Colorado

Colorado is packed with natural beauty across the entire state. When searching for potential ranch property in Colorado, a number of options can often be overwhelming. It helps to look for certain features or wants/needs that a ranch and the area around it should have. One place that may be of interest is the area around the red rocks in Colorado.

Finding a Ranch Amongst the Red Rocks of Colorado

Why Is this Area Special?

The Red Rock Mountains are an iconic geological feature, and there is really nothing like them anywhere else in America aside from Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. The red rocks were actually created over 150 million years ago. And, it is not exactly the rocks themselves that create the red hue but the sediment that got into the rocks during its early formation — most importantly iron. Much like iron rusting on a bike chain or car, the rocks “rusted” and have gained the red color.

These formations give ranchers and visitors the opportunity to see a clear example of the Earth’s deep geological history. It may be a lot to think about when looking outside the window early in the morning, but just the appearance alone is a breathtaking sight for anyone interested in ranch property in Colorado.

Great Investment

The desire for going out into the country or the mountains to escape the busy life of the cities and suburbs is growing swiftly. In the growing market, having a ranch in an uncommon location with plenty of allure can create valuable differentiation when the purpose of the ranch property in Colorado is for rental property or a dude ranch.

Outdoor Activities

While it can get very hot in the summer months, there are miles of hiking across the region. This allows for visitors to get as close as possible to the red rock formations and truly appreciate the beauty. There is a wide range of difficulty levels for the hiking trails as well.

The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a sight to behold. The concert and event venue is cut out of the actual rock formation and, behind the artists performing, spectators can see out for miles of hills and valley. With a rock on both sides of the crowd, the sound is naturally projected off it. It is a favorite of bands and fans alike because the natural setting allows for unique acoustics that truly cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Proximity to the City

Another enticing feature of the Red Rock Valley in Colorado is how it can both feel so secluded and have all the benefits of property deep in the mountains or forest; yet, it is still close enough to major cities when supplies are running low or there is a big event happening.

Ranch property in Colorado can be found statewide. But the red rocks near Denver and Grand Junction offer a unique landscape for those looking for a ranch to escape, hike, and enjoy being close to a city while also having plenty of space to explore and relax.

Cities and Towns Close to Wyoming Hunting Ranches

Those who are on the search for Wyoming hunting ranches clearly want a relaxing abode that keeps them far away from the city life. But when someone has a long-term residence in the great outdoors, or when it is purchased to be used as a rental property, having a reliable town or city nearby can be a great plus.

Cities and Towns Close to Wyoming Hunting Ranches

Although Wyoming is the least populous state, there are still a number of populated areas that have their own unique charm. There are plenty of places to eat and stock up on food and things to do for enjoyment as well.


Cheyenne is the most populous city in the state and resides southeast, almost bordering Colorado. The city itself has plenty of what someone missing city life would want — including: a shopping mall, generic and special grocery stores and restaurants, and even a country club. However, Cheyenne still maintains a relaxed vibe, and it certainly will not give those escaping larger cities like New York or Washington bad flashbacks.

Natrona County

Natrona county is another one of the top population centers in the state. There are plenty of land and hunting areas available, and the main city of Casper can be reached within an hour (provided weather cooperates) from anywhere in the county.

Casper features numerous indoor activity options that can pique most people’s interests. They have museums for wildlife, art, pioneer history, a Veterans Memorial museum, and theaters. This is certainly a great area to choose for a ranch if these types of activities are just as interesting as hunting and hiking. And, for those considering renting, it is great to have an attractive city nearby, and Casper has plenty to show off in an advertisement.

Sweetwater County

Sweetwater county is in the south of the state. Its most populated city is Rock Springs. Due to its unique history as a mining town filled with cultural diversity, there are plenty of celebrations and festivals throughout the year that are worth leaving the ranch to participate in. Sweetwater also borders Utah, making it a pleasant trip for both Wyoming hunting ranches and northern Utah ranches as well.

National Parks

Tourism is one of Wyoming’s key economic industries. These national parks can be a great way to still enjoy nature while also enjoying some of the comforts of being around more people. There is also hunting land available for ranchers in the areas bordering national parks including their two most popular, Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

The dream getaway of going out to Wyoming hunting ranches, enjoying hunting, and living off the land is very easily realized in Wyoming. But when the need for a trip to a grocery store arises or when it just feels like time to get reacquainted with civilization, it is also important to be aware of the availability of these comforts as well. Considering both factors can help narrow down the right ranch property.