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A Diverse and Productive State for Those Who Wish to Buy Utah Ranches

Home to world-class ski-resorts, lovely vistas, and a high standard of living, it is no wonder that Utah attracts investors from all around the US. The state is crisscrossed with stunning mountains, rivers, and lakes, so opportunities for hunting and farming are good revenue generators for people looking to buy Utah ranches.

A Diverse and Productive State for Those Who Wish to Buy Utah Ranches

Texas long horn steer in a rural Utah field, USA.

Before making initial inquiries, you should look at different areas and create a shortlist of the most appealing options. When drawing up the shortlist, you should consider several areas.


When you are thinking of buying a ranch, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to do on the ranch and how much time you plan to spend there. If the ranch is a winter or summer getaway, then it needs to be easily accessed but not necessarily that near to civilization. On the other hand, if you are planning on managing a full working ranch, you will need year-round access to the nearby townships, otherwise transport costs for your products will have a negative effect on your margins.


As mentioned above, Utah is home to some truly breathtaking landscapes. It can be the perfect year-round destination. Tourism has played a massive role in the continued growth in the state, with some ranches operating as private clubs for discerning hunters, skiers, and sportsmen.

Agriculture is another significant economic driver, with large amounts of hay being produced to support the livestock sector. Cattle has a good reputation and is a prized commodity, but it isn’t the only product that landowners generate revenue from. Dairy, poultry, and sheep products, along with fruits such as cherries and apricots, are just some of the examples of the produce that comes from within the state boundaries.

Mineral Rights

Mineral and fossil fuel production is an essential economic driver in Utah, with coal, petroleum, and salt playing a major role. If new deposits are found, they could be worth a lot of money for the owner of the mineral rights.

When searching for ranches in Utah, you should make sure the property owns the mineral rights to the land and verify the conditions attached to the rights. Holding the mineral rights allows the owner to have full control of the land and anything underneath it. Obviously, if the landowner doesn’t hold the rights, they have no recourse if the rights holder decides to set up a dig.

Water Rights

The same is true of water rights, which add additional value to the property both at the current market price and in relation to future selling price. Owning the rights gives extra flexibility for the owner to diversify their operations. Depending on where you are in the state, you could use the water resources to aid irrigation for pasture lands or lodging developments.

Failure to secure the rights can cause a lot of headaches further down the line if you are trying to change things up on-site.


Utah has numerous conservation projects in place, which help manage the diverse, local eco-systems. As a landowner, there are considerable benefits for participating in these schemes including generous tax credits. But, for many ranch owners that is secondary to the joy of playing such an essential role in the preservation of nature.


3 Things about the Geography of Utah

Utah is a unique state—with a history that is even more unique. Nowhere is this uniqueness more apparent than in the geography of the state itself. For example, the Great Salt Lake is one of only a few natural salt lakes in the nation and the largest lake outside of the Great Lakes region.

Three Things about the Geography of Utah.jpg

The unique identity of Utah has made it a great place to settle down. Utah ranches have been a very popular part of its cultures for centuries. In fact, the cattle industry has been growing exponentially, as demand for beef is increasing all over the world. Read the rest of this entry

3 Great Things about Utah

Utah is probably most well-known for its natural beauty and the Great Salt Lake. However, those of you who are looking to buy ranches in Utah might end up looking a little deeper. Utah is a unique state with a fascinating history, and that history has created an individual culture that continues to thrive. Here are some other notable things about this wonderful state.

3 Great Things about Utah

1.Vast Expanses of Wilderness

Utah is known for Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake itself. As a matter of fact, those two landmarks are located at the very northern edge of the state. Heading south, you see less of civilization and a great, ever-changing landscape. Read the rest of this entry

3 Things to Do with Your Family on the Ranch

Ranches in Utah are mostly out of the way and usually located far from urban centers. However, that does not mean you cannot have fun with your family. Ranches are a great place to bring the family together or enjoy time to bond with kids or grandkids.

These may include working around the ranch or finding a leisurely activity everyone can enjoy. The following are just three of the hundreds of things you can do with your family on the ranch.

Three Things to Do with Your Family on the Ranch

     1.Organize a Reunion

This is an obvious choice of family activity. Your new ranch can become the center for a family gathering with everyone looking to enjoy a few days with relatives. Organizing a family reunion can be difficult, but it is always rewarding. Read the rest of this entry

Ranches for Sale in Utah: Finding the Perfect Property for Your Needs

Farmers and ranchers in Utah looking to own a farm may still participate in the state Farm Service Agency (FSA) direct farm ownership program, offering low interest rates for farmland purchase. Farmers and ranchers must have their applications approved by Sept. 30 to take advantage of the available funding. Those eligible can borrow up to $300,000 and use them for various reasons, including buying farmland, constructing or repairing facilities, payment of closing costs, or promotion of soil and water conservation. Qualifiers can enjoy benefits that include 40 years to repay, and interest rate as low as 1.5 percent. Read the rest of this entry