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Things to Consider When Buying a Ranch

Few investments are as big as buying a ranch, but even fewer are as rewarding. As long as meat and milk remain culinary staples, engaging in livestock production can be a lucrative business. What’s more, living close to nature can rejuvenate even the weariest soul. Before buying a ranch, though, be sure to keep the following considerations in mind: Read the rest of this entry


Ranch Land Buying Considerations

Oregon is becoming one of the fastest growing areas in terms of agricultural real estate, and its beautiful lakes and rivers, diverse wildlife, and rolling hills are its main attractions. Plenty of large properties are available for sale, and among them you’ll find farm lands, luxury properties, ranches, and even hunting lands. If you’re looking for quality acreage in the state, here are a few things to keep in mind: Read the rest of this entry

Types of Dude Ranches You Can Start in Oregon

The goal of a dude ranch has remained mostly unchanged throughout the years: to create a family-friendly vacation destination that offers guests a chance to experience the Wild West lifestyle. However, there are many different types of dude ranches you can start after purchasing a ranch for sale in Oregon.

These are listed below, along with a short commentary on how the three types differ from each other: Read the rest of this entry

Tips on Breeding Cattle for Beginner Ranchers

It is no secret that purchasing ranch property is a great investment, especially with the way the US beef industry has been performing recently. In order to keep a cattle ranch profitable, sustainable cattle development through proper breeding techniques is important. As such, here are a few breeding tips for Oregon ranchers who would be taking their first few steps towards a profitable business. Read the rest of this entry

Explore Better Tax Options in a Ranch Sale

Ranches are worthy investments for those who need some space away from the city and wish to enjoy nature on their own. When the acreage is in the thousands and the location is just right, you will be treated to a vast expanse that is unimaginable. What if circumstances do result in you having to sell the property? The taxman may have some deferral strategies for you to consider. Read the rest of this entry

About 400 Pounds of Meat from a 1,000-Pound Cow

How much beef can you get from cattle? Surely not all parts of the cattle are consumed, as that would mean selling the cattle’s internal organs as well. From a 1,000-lb steer, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry estimates that at least 61 percent of it will make it “on the rail.” However, only 43 percent of the steer make it into the market as different cuts like t-bone, sirloin, brisket, and shank. Why can’t the meat market use every pound of the cow? Read the rest of this entry