Wyoming Ranches for Sale from This Year’s Best State for Retirement

Ranches are a great place to retire. Wyoming is a great place to retire. Therefore, Wyoming ranches for sale are a godsend.

The latest study by Bankrate ranked all 50 states by their cost of living, crime rate, community well-being, healthcare quality, tax rate, and weather. Wyoming came out on top due to its low crime rate, low tax rate, and great weather. Of the top ten states, Wyoming and eight others are landlocked, meaning the best places aren’t always beaches.

Wyoming Ranches for Sale from This Year’s Best State for Retirement

Wyoming dethroned South Dakota, last year’s best state to retire that has since fallen to eighth place. Last year, Wyoming finished at fifth.

The state is mostly open fields with a panoramic network of mountains and rivers, of which two out of five Americans said they’d fancy a retirement home near those. Yet, the winning formula lies with the ease of buying a retirement place in the state, namely good Wyoming ranches for sale. Here’s an in-depth look at what made The Cowboy State a winner.

Low Taxes

As a fractional assessment state, Wyoming only taxes 9.5 percent of the property’s assessed value. Fractional assessment only taxes part of the property’s value, known as the assessed value, which is equivalent to 6.15 percent (6.95 percent for properties located within corporate city limits) of the property’s value. The rest of the property’s value is exempted.

Wyoming also lacks inheritance, state gift taxes, and taxes on sales of real estate. It’s a well-known fact that ranches elsewhere fall prey to taxes, often leading to their foreclosure.

Low Crime

The 63 percent of Wyoming residents owning a firearm had a profound effect in the state’s crime rate (also because Wyoming’s population is small). In 2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported one murder involving a firearm for every 100,000 people in the state. States who have low gun ownership rates typically had high crime rates.

Great Weather

Wyoming’s high elevation brings cool climate for most of the year, hardly above 100 degrees. It also enjoys sunny days 60 percent of the time during winter and 75 percent during summer.

These advantages can definitely make buying a ranch from real estate companies such as Mirr Ranch Group worthwhile. Although a ranch is a hefty investment, at least you get to enjoy your life after 60 in a place that delivers on the promise of utter peace and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle. Wyoming ranches sell fast, so better get to it as soon as possible.


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