Big Game Animals at Wyoming Ranches for Sale Make the Best Trophies

As far as trophy and big game hunting go, Wyoming is a hunter’s paradise. With vast lush green lands and varieties of wildlife, it is an ideal place to find a nice pair of antlers, horns, or hide to add to your collection. Trophy hunting is a noble sport. A trophy hunter will usually seek out a certain type of animal, preserve a part of it as a trophy, and fully utilize its meat so that none of it goes to waste.

Big Game Animals at Wyoming Ranches for Sale Make the Best Trophies

The sport can be even more satisfying if you do it in your own ranch, but before you go on a thrilling hunt, you need to know what sort of animals you’ll find in the field. Here are some of the best big game animals at ranches for sale in Wyoming.


Wyoming is a true Antelope haven. There’s no shortage of this particular big game in public hunting lands, but they are more abundant in private lands You’ll have better chances at coming home with the best trophy if you hunt on a private ranch for sale like the Cottonwood Land and Cattle or the Edjumar Ranch. If you’re looking to hunt the finest specimen of pronghorn in the country. Seasoned hunters will also find antelopes fairly easy to bag.


Elks are majestic creatures. An impressive rack of its huge antlers is a prized trophy for any serious big game hunter. Wyoming’s land is a good place to spot some really big bulls. Some areas can even boast of having 350 to 400 inch bulls. Bow hunters looking for a nice trophy to take home can have a blast hunting the mature six point bulls in the area.


A hunter’s trophy wall won’t be complete without a buck’s head. Wyoming has two excellent types of deer: the mule deer and the whitetail deer. These two species are great game animals to hunt and Wyoming offers some of the nicest bucks around. Hunting whitetail or mule deer only calls for the standard walk-and-stalk which makes them pretty easy to hunt. The problem is they’re a little bit hard to spot. The bigger bucks are especially elusive. You’ll mostly find does, but if you persist and hunt hard enough, you’ll come upon some impressive bucks in the mix.

Big game hunts in Wyoming are more fun if you have the land to yourself. If you’re looking for a wildlife-rich ranch real estate to buy, get help from reputable ranch brokers like those at Mirr Ranch Group.


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