4 Animals Any Rancher Should Have

Everyone knows that ranches in New Mexico are necessary to the state’s economy because they provide raw materials and a source of food. However, many newer ranchers don’t realize that an efficiently run ranch should have more varieties of animals than the livestock that are kept there.

Four Animals Any Rancher Should Have

Every ranch should have some companion animals to make ranch life easier. The following are some animals that should be kept around the farm.


Cats are a great deterrent for pests such as mice, rats, and squirrels. They have the natural instinct to hunt any animals that get close to the house or find their way inside the home.

It is important to make sure the cat wears a flea collar or similar product to help keep pests out of its fur. If you are considering two cats, you should get two of the same gender. Raise them from kittens so they can bond and protect the property as a group.


Just like cats, a dog is a common household pet that is necessary for working on a ranch. Dogs that are raised from puppies are especially important because they can be used to help control and direct cattle. Certain dog breeds have the natural instinct to control herds, such as the German Shepherd or the Australian Sheepdog.

Similar to cats, dogs need proper protection from pests to prevent sickness. They should also be trained from puppies.


Horses will be your natural mode of transportation around your property. While they will require training, special care, and time to get used to you and other riders, they are well worth the investment.

The main benefit of owning a horse is its ability to reach places that an automobile cannot. You will not be able to cover your property with a car like you can on a horse. They can also help you in moving your cattle and controlling the herd.


Chickens are an obvious choice of animal to be kept on the ranch. Not only are they a source of meat, but hens can be a source of eggs as well. Keeping chickens on your ranch will ensure a constant source of food for years to come.

If you plan on keeping chickens, you should make sure you properly fence in their home to keep out predators. Common predators for ranches in New Mexico include coyotes. Coyotes cannot jump over enclosures, so you should build a tall, wired-in area.

Keeping these animals on your ranch will help ensure that your ranch runs smoothly. Each animal does its own part in running the ranch, whether for transportation, pest control, or food. While every animal you choose will come with special requirements, the benefits they provide can far outweigh the costs.


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