Why New Mexico Ranches Offer a Unique Investment Opportunity

The Land of Enchantment lives up to its name, a state with a diversity of both landscape and people. Originally settled by the Spanish, New Mexico officially became part of the United States in 1912. Since then it has continued to be a melting pot of various cultures, with large populations of people of Native American and Hispanic origin.Why New Mexico Ranches Offer a Unique Investment OpportunityThe diversity doesn’t stop with the people, as New Mexico boasts all kinds of land ripe for exploration and cultivation. There are deserts, mountain ranges, and national parks in abundance, so it is no wonder that New Mexico Ranches are seen as a desirable investment proposition.

Landscape Which Can Be Enjoyed Year Round

From deserts to snow-capped mountains, New Mexico has it all. You are never far away from an entirely different vista, with the state full of fantastic national parks, perfect for exploring on foot or horseback. White Sands National Monument is home to some impressive dunes, while skiing can be enjoyed at Taos Ski Valley. This fantastic diversity makes the state an ideal base for a family or for managing a sporting ranch.

Big Blue Ranch in Angel Fire is a perfect representation of this diversity, with excellent hunting, fly-fishing, and ease of access to ski resorts all possible at different times of the year. You will never be far away from forested slopes or a creek teeming with fish.

Flora and Fauna

New Mexico has so many possibilities for a potential rancher when it comes to the native population of flora and fauna. Myriad creatures roam the various terrains making big game hunting and fishing favorite past-times. Black Bears, pronghorn, mountain lions, elk, and bighorn sheep can be found, along with countless varieties of game and fish. All this wildlife live in a range of altitudes surrounded by flora just as diverse.

Getting involved in the various conservation initiatives of the state government is a very worthwhile pursuit which also brings with it several attractive tax credits. Larger ranches also usually have private landowner tags, which makes them very appealing for trophy hunters. For example, Big Blue Ranch eight elk tags, while the Luera Ranch has fifteen elk and two antelope tags.

Raising Livestock

One of the key features of the early days in New Mexico were the cattle drives, and the spirit of the cowboy still lives on, on the cattle ranches of New Mexico. Dairy products are significant drivers of the state economy, with beef also playing an important role. In fact, cattle are a precious commodity and demand for dairy and beef is likely to increase over the coming years.

Luera Ranch in Magdalena has a large cattle operation, with the potential to scale should the need arise. The fertile soil and rolling grasslands make an excellent place for grazing and raising cattle year-on-year.

A Diverse Landscape with Diverse Opportunities

Whatever draws you to New Mexico you can be sure you will never be bored. Ranching offers unlimited possibilities, and you are sure to find the opportunity which you have been looking for.


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