A Quick Guide for Investors Who Want to Buy Colorado Ranches

Located on the southern side of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado is probably one of the most diverse states in the whole of North America. Across the state, you can see extremes of the geographic spectrum, ranging from snow-capped mountains to massive sand dunes and everything else in-between.

A Quick Guide for Investors Who Want to Buy Colorado Ranches

These conditions provide many different opportunities for ranch owners, with many having working farm operations in areas such as corn and cattle. Obviously, the location of the ranch will have a massive impact of the operations that can be done on-site, but regardless of where you are there will be a vast range of recreational activities either on-site or in the nearby area. So, there is no wonder many investors want to buy Colorado Ranches

Sporting Enthusiast

The ranch owner who is looking to escape the monotony of city life and partake in a variety of outdoor pursuits should look no further than the River House on the Anthracite. It enjoys an outstanding elevation with stupendous views of Marcellina Mountain.

Located in the mountains, the ranch has year-round access and is a sportsman paradise whether they enjoy fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, or horseback riding The options are limitless! In the winter months, world-class ski resorts can be easily reached in no time.

In additions, the operation has significant scope for scaling business operations either independently or in conjunction with nearby resorts and ranches and includes ample lodging for guests.

Equine Lover

Another stunning hideaway is the Red Canyon Estate in Vail County, which offers unbelievable value for the money for the equestrian lover. The current owner has used the ranch as a gentlemen’s retreat, and the on-site facilities for horse raising are genuinely first-class, as is the accommodation options for the owner and guests.

For those who love the freedom of trail riding, numerous trails cut across the property and into nearby national parks. Besides the privilege of being in the great outdoors, there are also some outstanding hunting opportunities.

When not on horseback, the property has a well-stocked fishing pond full of Rainbow Trout giving the Red Canyon Estate a chance of becoming a leading fishery in the area.

Best of Both Worlds

For investors who want to combine work and pleasure, the Indian Hills Farm in Pueblo is an exciting investment opportunity. It enjoys access to some stunningly varied landscape, which makes it ideal for big game hunting and raising cattle at the same time. For example, there is a mile stretch of the Arkansas River that cuts through the property, attracting waterfowl and deer in large numbers.

The abundant water rights make it perfect for irrigating the land, and the ranch produces some top-quality alfalfa hay on its working farm operation. Also, the ranch comes with extensive mineral and water rights, which make it a desirable proposition.

Indian Hills Farm has an enormous potential within its 340 acres, and the only real barrier on significant returns-on-investment is the buyer’s imagination.

Time to Head to Colorado

These three ranches are just a small taste of the fantastic ranching opportunities lie within the state of Colorado. There are always new, exciting opportunities coming on the market, so take the time to consider the kind of ranch you are interested in, and you won’t regret your decision to head out west.


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