The Great Beyond: Three Great Reasons to Buy Montana Ranches for Sale

If you dream of escaping the big city, then you should look no further than Montana, which is one of the largest but least densely populated states in the whole US. This means there are many pockets of undiscovered and untouched land, which provides perfect conditions for big game to flourish.

The Great Beyond: Three Great Reasons to Buy Montana Ranches for Sale

The extensive grasslands across the state also make ideal places to put cattle to pasture, allowing for large-scale stock rotation. Currently, there are some excellent investment opportunities on the market, and there has never been a better time to move into this state. Here are a few options for people looking to buy Montana ranches for sale.

Why Montana?

Vast empty plains, uninhabited forests, majestic peaks, world-class hunting, and excellent recreational activities throughout the year. These are just some of the reasons why many savvy investors head out this way.

Antelope Springs Ranch

For an experienced cattle rancher, the Antelope Springs Ranch offers excellent value for money. It plays host to over 31 separate pastures across its 50,000+ acres, allowing a sizeable livestock operation to take place. This ranch has proved to be a very profitable operation, supporting large numbers of cattle and sheep throughout the year.

What helps make this ranch such an attractive proposition is its existing infrastructure and cattle rearing facilities, alongside large-scale water resources. This enables the ranch to weather any ‘dry spells’ and remain profitable.

Cinch Buckle Ranch

A smaller but equally profitable ranch is Cinch Buckle, which currently houses around 900 cows. Due to the size of the ranch, the taxes are also lower than the Antelope Springs Ranch, but it does have only 19 pastures. It all depends on how large scale you want to go and what level of experience you have raising livestock.

We highly recommend this ranch as it has outstanding water resources and cattle rearing facilities, which can be easily scaled up or down depending on the prevailing market conditions.

Chief Mountain Ranch

If you are interested in learning about raising livestock but have little or no experience, then this ranch could be the one for you. It is a very manageable size, and the current owners are in partnership with a local cattle owner, whose cows graze on the property in an area maintained by him.

Montana is home to some of the best game hunting and recreational activates in the US, and this ranch is in a prime location to take advantage of this. Exceptional fly-fishing and hunting opportunities exist on or near to the property, and big game such as mule deer and black bears often wander around the site.

It may be significantly smaller than other ranches for sale in Montana, but it has so much to offer within its 400+ acres, it is hard not to recommend it. In addition to the wealth of recreational opportunities available, there is significant potential to develop the property into a conservation area, which obviously benefits the local eco-systems and threatened species, but also provides sizeable tax benefits for the landowner.


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