Horse Ranches for Sale in Colorado: How to Manage Them Efficiently

There are different kinds of farms and ranches. Each will have unique perks that can encourage you to acquire one as a profitable venture. Several farmers and cowboys constantly share the merits of owning and operating a ranch, especially the benefits related to the kind of lifestyle and lucrative business that the property can bring.

Colorado Horse Owners Reminded to Get Brand Inspections, The Horse, March 22, 2015

Horse ranches for sale in Colorado are sought-after ranch types because of their great potential for leisure. An individual who is interested or passionate about caring for equine life would find it enjoyable and even therapeutic to raise and breed (or train) horses. He/she can also share this passion with others or let them enjoy activities involving horses through dude ranches, which are becoming more popular recreational destinations for families and individuals.

Building Your Horse Ranch

Make sure you plan ahead and determine the exact type of operations you want to do in your equestrian ranch. Will you simply raise horses for selling, or will you have recreational facilities (e.g. a horseback riding range or an indoor riding arena) open to be rented by the public? Look for properties with horse operations amenities like stables, barns, and plenty of pasture. Study the geographic location, and ensure that you have ample staff (including veterinarians, farriers, and facility caretakers) and resources (such as feed suppliers and other necessary equipment) for your ranch.

If you’re going to buy horses (or sell some in the future) and you need to transport them from your supplier or breeder, you have to ensure that the livestock are properly branded. Just recently, the Colorado Department of Agriculture reminded horse owners of the importance of brand inspection and proper travel permits for the livestock, especially when there will be a transfer of ownership involved. This protects you and others from livestock theft or loss.

Improving Your Farm’s Safety

Safety should be a top priority for horse ranch owners, especially when it comes to their customers. You have to work with your staff and equine health professionals to ensure that your horses are fit and ready for the activities they will be subject to. The horse should have appropriate shelter, nutrition, grooming, handling and training, and other aspects of their care and security.

Another way to protect yourself and your property is by looking for well-maintained Colorado ranches for sale, such as the properties offered by Mirr Ranch Group. You and your broker can review the facilities of the ranch, the property’s natural features, fire risks and prevention measures, and other crucial details, so you can be confident in raising your livestock and in running your horse ranch smoothly.

(Source: Colorado Horse Owners Reminded to Get Brand Inspections, The Horse, March 22, 2015)


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