Ranches for Sale: Rainfed Farming is Expected to Grow in Importance

Agriculture and ranching consume a considerable amount of water across the U.S. In some parts of the country, livestock consume even more water than people. Thus, water availability is a leading concern whenever agricultural production is discussed. With the onset of climate change and extreme climate events such as droughts and floods, efficient use of water in the agricultural industry is only expected to grow in importance.

Ranches for Sale Rainfed Farming is Expected to Grow in Importance

Agriculture implores both rainfed and irrigation farming. Many large ranches for sale are heavily invested in both, but of the two, it’s the latter that often requires the bigger financial and capital investment. As a result, rainfed agriculture is an option that many ranch owners are interested in, and one that may play a major role in the success of ranches and agricultural lands in the future.

Benefits of Rainfed Farming

Rainwater is beneficial to your crops. It isn’t processed nor chlorinated like the water you get from the municipal supply. It’s naturally clean, and in fact, sometimes requires minerals to be mixed in to offset the lack of it. Apart from its purity, perhaps the greatest benefit of rainwater is that it’s absolutely free, and since you don’t have to go anywhere to collect rainwater, it also saves on transportation and energy.

A Rainfed Farming Case Study

Charybda Farms in Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico has a very efficient rainfed farming system. The facility—owned by founder and head grower Paul Cross—is able to collect 45,000 gallons of rainwater a year. According to Cross, rain is the only water source he uses for his tomatoes, which he sells at various markets across NM.

Cross’ facility collects rain through the roofs of both his house and greenhouse, which spans nearly 6,000 square feet. Once captured, rainwater is directed from the roofs to cisterns, after which rainwater is judiciously distributed to the tomatoes via drip irrigation. Cross adds calcium and magnesium into the rainwater to counterbalance the lack of minerals and supply his tomatoes with the crop’s specific mineral requirements.

Interested in Rainfed Farming?

If rainfed farming is something you would like to incorporate into your planned ranch purchase in Utah, brokers of ranch land for sale like Mirr Ranch Group will be able to help you. Such firms maintain longstanding relationships with ranch equipment outlets, as well as legal, government insurance, accounting, and banking professionals and institutions. Consulting with them will ensure that the system you build is not only efficient, but fits within your budget and complies with government regulations.


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