Wyoming Ranches for Sale: The Process of Planning for Drought Season

For those who are serious about buying a ranch, nothing can stop them from doing so—not even the dreaded drought. Instead, they will take it upon themselves to be informed on how to best deal with it head on, without compromising their investment in the land.

California Drought

Western states, in particular, must be up on their toes in order to appropriately respond to a situation like that. With California already experiencing the worst drought in its history, other Western states like Wyoming are also being warned to take precautions in order to mitigate the consequences the Western drought may bring. This is especially important because according to Leon Szeptycki, executive director of Water in the West, the phenomenon has every chance of increasing in frequency and severity. Szeptycki’s group is currently collaborating with other researchers to help the region deal with its growing water scarcity issues.

A way of life

As drought is practically a way of life in Wyoming, it’s worth nothing that locals are able to adapt themselves according to the demands of this particular climate. For example, springtime drought has a drastic effect on rangeland grasses. By robbing the grasses of the moisture and temperature they need to grow, grass growth is stunted, which can lead to livestock grazing shortage.

The importance of preparedness

Recognizing rangeland drought early is a very important matter for owners and potential purchaser of ranches for sale in Wyoming. Livestock production is a huge industry for the state, and farm and ranch owners simply cannot be caught off guard when the drought finally hits.

The key to beating drought

Understanding forage growth cycle will allow ranch managers to plan appropriately for each production year. How exactly, you may ask? By being mindful of incoming drought at least a couple of months ahead, you’ll be in better shape, application-wise. You can predict a more accurate timeline, and enact a prompt drought plan that should include ‘resting’ some pastures while grasses are growing, and carefully grazing rangeland at moderate levels.

There’s always time

Drought is a naturally occurring climate phenomenon that differs from other hazards in the sense that it moves slow, and evolves over months—even years. Like other hazards, the impacts of drought cover environmental, economic, and social concerns. Thankfully, the fact that it has a slow onset means that there’s always ample time to prepare for it and mitigate its effects.

Knowing that Wyoming may soon be severely affected by California’s drought, now’s the time to prepare. Regardless if you’re a long-time owner or simply looking at Wyoming ranches for sale to buy, ranch brokers like Mirr Ranch Group can help you craft a sound ranch management plan for your needs.

(Source: California drought foreshadows crisis for Montana, Wyoming, rest of West, Helena Independent Record)


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